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Ok, so i have a few very interesting questions..... I once again will be headed back to afghanistan... I will be the "system administrator" for our internet down range this time. That entails obtaining a satalite, and, all else... dont want to bore, but we will not be in hard billits, Meaning in a soft tent... and lots of sand. Therefore, I will be building a rig, not crazy expensive, however i need it to be as sealed as possible, or will the filters just have to be cleaned that much more often. Now i also thought about a liquid cooled, to cut down on the sand in key pieces, however this one is warping me. I dont need an insane graphics card, however i will be running dual monitors... one to keep and eye on the network, and the other for me to "play". I need a case, and some recomendations for cooling, graphics, and ram. I am leaning toward a phenom II processor, but i cant help but look at the new i7, either will be overclocked. I also am looking toward a ssd as my boot, and at least 6 terr in the bays to set up a "share drive" on the router... Any recomendations would be great, and Yes i know this is definatly not ideal conditions for any rig, however a mid tower would be recomended, as i need to move at least three to four times over the next year. Any help would be necessary. Thank you.
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  1. lol I guess you're in the English army? Only the English army makes their soldiers pay for military necessities.
  2. the american army... and the internet is not a necessity, it is a desire. I am in avation... so we go to forward operating bases, (fobs). If i could help provide internet to my platoon, i will. I have already done one deployment, and a civilian ran it last time... horribly might i add. I can run it better, i just need a build that will withstand the sand, and still be semi cheap...
  3. close!!!!
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