Updating New video Card: 150- low 200 range

So my Geforce 8800 GT just crapped out on me. It was a very good video card while it lasted but now its time to buy a new one. After looking around, there are sooooo many video card choices and I need some help narrowing my choices. Video card is used to play games that don't require that much power (Heroes of Newerth, Counter Strike, watching movies etc);however, I still want a good video card just in case I get a high end game in the near future. My range is 100- to low 200s. Performance, stability, and longevity is whats most important to me so I don't mind paying a few more dollars. Any recommendations? Thanks.

My computer:

23in Widescreen monitor (1980x1080 i believe)
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
4gb ram
Asus P5K-E mother board (Got this mobo in summer of 08, It has PCI express slot but these new cards say PCI-Express 2.0. Can my motherboard still use these cards?)
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  1. My vote is for a 5770 or GTX 460, those are the two to look at for their respective brands, I beleive the 460 may be a bit more powerful of the two.

    Both will provide decent perf. for the money.
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