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Looking to build a new gaming rig. Ive researched and researched and i know you guys get this stuff everyday, but i could like the next use some advice.

I havent found any topics on playing americas army. thats mostly the game i play. 1st person shooter games. kinda on a budget between 600-700. as far as mother boards, processor an gpu i think i have it but i would still like some suggestions. as for cases, cooling, power supply, ram, and the rest, that type thing i was needing some suggestions. any advice or opinions will be great on a rig that can last a year or 2 with games. thanks

Motherboard / CPU combo: AS Rock America M3A770DE + X4 955 CB ASRock M3A770DEMBoard Combo w AMD Phenom II X4 955 (4 x 3.2GHz) Quad-C.

Radeon 6850
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    I upped the mobo to the 870 due to its cf capability. It would be a crime not to leave the possibility of cf with the 6850 scaling.
  2. Anyone else with suggestions? Would like more than one opinion.
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