New Build: Sapphire 6850 artifacts horribly

Hi everyone, I've been reading the forums for a couple weeks now but I only registered a moment ago to post this question:

I've recently built a new computer (first time building from scratch) with the following parts:

Antec Three Hundred Case
Sapphire HD 6850
ADATA 1600 (9 9 9 ?) timing DDR3 RAM
Phenom II X4 955 CPU
OCZ XStream 600W Modular PSU
Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 Motherboard

Sata 3 GB/s Harddrive and DVD drive of no particular importance.

The system booted up and windows installed just fine, everything seemed to work. However the 6850 was being recognized as "6800 series card" in dxdiag and AMD overdrive was grayed out.

After I fired up Windows Experience Index to 'benchmark' the system the graphics card started artifacting heavily. small 2 by 2 pixel blocks started appearing across the screen in spaced square patterns

. .
. .

After rebooting the system the blocks remained and got worse the longer the system was running until I turned it off again.

Installation notes:

The graphics card came with a PCIE power adapter but I used the PCIE power cable from the PSU
I used the 8 pin ATX power cable instead of the 4 pin one on the mother board
Latest Catalyst driver installed

Could I have somehow ruined the card (the Asus mobo has a lot of overclocking utilities but I didn't touch any of them) or is the card just bad?

I will try installing again to see how it acts some time later today and I'll post the results.

EDIT: OS is a genuine windows 7 professional and I tested the rig with both pannels opened

EDIT: The screen looks fine in BIOS and at the glowing windows logo, I'm guessing that the video RAM is corrupted and that those screens don't use it. I'll hold off on closing the thread until the issue is resolved (which should be tomorrow), thanks guys.
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    You simply got a faulty card. All your connections are made correctly.
  2. Here's hoping it's just the card. In the meanwhile everything else seems to work so I can install and transfer files until Monday when the store reopens.
  3. Go to and install the latest drivers (Catalyst Suite 10.12) and see if that clears up your problem. Also, if you are OCing, stop until stable.

    Good luck!
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