How much power (psu) will be needed?

For GS 7300 PCI'e 256 mb nvidia card, what will be the minimum psu required?
Will this card run in pc with 250 w psu????
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  1. It does not need an external/additional PCIe power input, so most probably it'll work in you current rig with it's current PSU.

    Correction, not most probably but it will work in a rig with a 250W PSU if the the Mobo has a PCIe Slot on it.....
    The card is powered by the PCIe slot itself so there is no need of any additional power interface. So if you existing 250W PSU s powering the rig sufficiently, you'll have no problem if you were to add this card in it.... it'll work fine :)
  2. If you are planning to buy a new card to play games, you will be disappointed by a GeForce 7300; that's an ancient card. At the low end, look for a GeForce GT240 or an Ati HD5570 at the minimum, either of which can run on a 250W PSU.
  3. Yeah, if you're getting a GPU for games, you'll need better, and even if you want it for a HTPC you'll want something like a HD5450 at least. A 7300GS sounds like something your local Wal-Mart has on the shelf that, out of context, looks like a great deal; well it isn't, although it might be suitable for an office-type PC, although even AMD's year-old integrated graphics would be better.
  4. What are your comments about nvidia 9400 GT??????
  5. That's another office-apps card. It is stronger than the GS 7300 (same tier as the 7300GT), but weaker than the GT240 for games. It should do for media though. What will you be doing with this PC, and what is your budget?
  6. Thanks for ur reply jtt283 !!!

    Man... my maximum Budget that I can spend for 3d cards is up to 55 $...
    How many more budget is needed for GTX200 or GT240 ,, which u listed above...
    Nowadays I can only go up to 55 $.. how many more ATI or other cards are available in this budget that would be better than 9400 GT...??
  7. Check out newegg, you'll get the approx idea for the price range -card capacity....
    It's nice to do a little bit of more research if you're on a tight budget and get maximum bang for the buck.
    Especially if you plan to game a lot .... then a suitable card would be the basic requirement......keeping in mind the power requirement and the memory would be a plus.....
  8. You should be able to find a HD4650 for that; if you're lucky maybe a HD4670 or HD5570.
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