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I put in a new Dell( 2GB DDR3 DIMM but when I tried to put on the computer only the light came on,nothing would load,no screen nothing.What can I do because I still want to upgrade the memory and I don't want to have to send back the RAM chip.
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  1. Pull out the original ram chip and try the new one in dimm slot number one. Look for white id lettering if you can't find the schematic for your board. If the computer posts, then shut it down and try your old ram stick in each slot until your system posts again. If the new ram won't post by itself, then I'm afraid you'll have to sell or return it. then use the original ram to match the brand and model number exactly. Some dells use hynix (samsung) memory.
  2. Thank you,I'll try it again.It has four slots and it had already 2 chips not right next to each other by the way.I should take out the first one(closest to processor)?and put in the new one,but where do I put the "old" one?Sorry for asking so many questions but I quess I'M NOT as smart as I thought :)
  3. Use only the new one first. IF it works, then you can try each leftover slot one at a time. Most systems with 3 gb of ram have 2 512mb sticks and 2 1 gb sticks, so each pair matches. You're trying to run with just 2 slots, but the sticks don't match. Dells and other oem systems aren't designed for upgrading. Their bios' has fewer adjustments. They'll sell you some new dell ram for about double the regular price. They have to make most of their profits on upgrades from the factory. Few people will purchase the ram later when they compare the price.
  4. Thank you,I'll try that and let you know.
  5. No it didn't work.It seems as long as this chip is in there anywhere,the computer won't start up.Any suggestions on adding memory because I still want to and obviouly that company(through isn't a good one.
  6. Check your old stick and if it says hynix, order four of these: This is the best price on ebay I could find for your ram.
  7. Thank you,if not ebay then do you think buying fromDell itself is a good idea? My "old" chips say this by the way: SAMSUNG 1GB 1RX8 PC3 8500U-07-10-AO and the chip I bought through Amazon says: GATEWAY TECH 2GB DDR3 DIMM 1066MHZ ROHS
  8. It didn't say hynix
  9. I believe hynix is a trademark of samsung. But if you can find samsung branded sticks, get them. I suggested (4) 2 gb sticks to max out your ram. But if you don't want to keep your system much longer, two sticks will work fine.
  10. Thanks for all the help.I have a 64 bit system so I quess I can go even higher :)
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