Why is my ping so high

Recently my Ping has skyrocketed. It used to be an average of 50ms now its well over 700ms. I have a cable connection with Road Runner at 20mbs. A ping from my computer to my router is <1ms. I ran a ping to yahoo.com and got

"Pinging yahoo.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=701ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=770ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=819ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=722ms TTL=51

Request timed out.

Reply from bytes=32 time=798ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=799ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=976ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=755ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=931ms TTL=51

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 10, Received = 9, Lost = 1 (10% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

Minimum = 701ms, Maximum = 976ms, Average = 807ms"

I also ran a netstat of my open ports and got

"Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID
TCP built:1041 localhost:1042 ESTABLISHED 2744

TCP built:1042 localhost:1041 ESTABLISHED 2744

TCP built:1047 localhost:1048 ESTABLISHED 2744

TCP built:1048 localhost:1047 ESTABLISHED 2744

TCP built:1273 yw-in-f99.1e100.net:http ESTABLISHED 2744

TCP built:1274 gy-in-f104.1e100.net:http ESTABLISHED 2744

TCP built:5152 localhost:1043 CLOSE_WAIT 1844

TCP built:1039 download.comodo.com:http CLOSE_WAIT 1132

TCP built:1040 mpdown1.mcr.colo.comodo.com:http CLOSE_WAIT 1132

TCP built:1188 yx-in-f102.1e100.net:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1217 gw-in-f155.1e100.net:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1223 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1225 bf-in-f154.1e100.net:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1229 a72-247-197-166.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1230 rdc-024-025-026-043.southeast.rr.com:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1231 yx-in-f149.1e100.net:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1232 gy-in-f148.1e100.net:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1234 rdc-024-025-026-075.southeast.rr.com:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1237 gy-in-f101.1e100.net:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1238 TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1247 rdc-024-025-026-131.southeast.rr.com:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1248 rdc-024-025-026-059.southeast.rr.com:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1249 rdc-024-025-026-059.southeast.rr.com:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1250 rdc-024-025-026-059.southeast.rr.com:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1253 gy-in-f156.1e100.net:http TIME_WAIT 0
TCP built:1261 TIME_WAIT 0"

A virus scan revealed nothing, and my other computer connected wirelessly to the same router has a ping of about 94ms. What is causing the ping on this computer to be so high?
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  1. I also ran a live CD of ubuntu, and changed NICs and neither helped.

    also ran a tracert, my comp to my router is >1ms. the next hop is 800ms.

    This baffles me, its not the NIC, software OR router, yet a second computer is fine on the same router.
  2. 800ms to the 2nd hop and ONLY affects that one machine?!
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