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Hi All,

I'm building my own computer for the first time and had a quick question that has been bothering me:

I plan on purchasing the Antec DF-35 case along with the ASRock 870 Extreme3 6gb motherboard. My concern is that when I look at the picture of the case, there seems to be a rear I/O plate that is not removable. This wouldn't be an issue if the motherboard fit nicely into the allotted slots but the motherboard has ports that do not seem to match that of the I/O plate. Is this cause for concern?

The motherboard is ATX and the case is definitely compatible with ATX but it just looks like the motherboard will not fit into the slots that the rear I/O panel shows.

Here are the links to the pictures I'm looking at:



Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  3. You'll be using the supplied mobo I/O shield.
    Remove the case I/O shield.
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