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So this is a bit of a long story..

my system specs -

P55G v1.0 PCChips motherboard

OCZ ddr2 Reaper series PC2 6400 800mhz 2 x 2gb (switch with other ram too to test)

MSI nVidia N260GTX (unplugged now)

400w no name psu

460w Enermax psu (unplugged now)

E8400 intell core 2 duo 3.0ghz dual core

So for about 2 years i had this setup and never had 1 hardware problem, i ran the 400w connected to the motherboard and the 460w set up to be on with 2 of the pins connected with copper to run only the grahpics card.

ya it probably wasnt the most stable set up but it worked for like 2 years.. then we had a power surge in the morning when i was playing tf2.. the power turnned off then on and off kinda.. my computer turned back on no problem and i went to playing.. a few hours or so later my computer froze - game stopped graphics froze nothing responded.. first time it's ever done that i think.. so i started back up fine and went back to playing.. then later blue screen and i didnt read the error and went back to playing.. then it froze again later and

when i went to turn on the computer it didnt post, everything ran ok as far as fans but no post..

unplugged video card and tried onboard.. (and cleared CMOS) no post..

unplugged everything else besides both the ram no post (only using the 400w right now)

unplugged single ram and no post

unplugged all ram and it did one long beep

plugged in different ram i had before my brother gave me the ocz ram.. no post

plugged in the other old ram.. no post

going to try using compressed air on the ram slot

I know it's not:
anything to do with the monitor (using vga)
anything to do with ram (plugged single ram in the right slot - closest to the processor)
anything to do with the psu most likely (tested 2 different psus - a 400w and a different 420w) no post (dont have a digital multimeter)
nothing else plugged in

question: can the processor be dead after a surge? or can the motherboard be dead and still beep for no ram?

im ordered new everything and the power supply is on its way but i want to try to make it work, help or suggestions

read all of PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!

edit: no luck with getting it to post after using compressed air in ram slot
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  1. Most likely its your motherboard.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Most likely its your motherboard.

    that seems likely :s

    edit: do i need to plug everything into the F_PANEL? or can i just start the mb with a screw drive by touch the power pins (did it very carefully) also tried with a single power switch before.

    1 HD_LED_P(+) 2 FP PWR/SLP(+)
    3 HD_LED_N( - ) 4 FP PWR/SLP( - )
    5 RESET_SW_N( - ) 6 POWER_SW_P(+) (only 6 and 8 connected with power switch)
    7 RESET_SW_P( +) 8 POWER_SW_N( - )
    9 RSVD_DNU 10 KE

    is this ok for getting it to post and work normally?
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