HP ZR24W has anyone got one?

I'm thinking of buying one, two concerns, firstly how does it react to being set to a lower resolution and do-not-scale being set in the drivers, does it fill full screen or not, as i've heard there is no 1:1 pixel mapping, and I am wondering if the driver overrides the need for this, it does on my 2207w.

Secondly whats it like for gaming, i'm not hardcore, but do like a good experience, am thinking that the ips panel may not be so good.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Go to newegg and look at the reviews and then decide:


    Looks like a nice monitor. Have fun!
  2. its just the 1:1 issue i want some clarity on, no one will discuss that unless specifically asked. But the reviews do look good though.
  3. I think you will be safe on the scaling issue when not playing a given game at the native resolution of the monitor. Most modern LCDs do this well. It isn't as if you are running the monitor at a non-native setting to start with (different matter altogether).
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