Is XFX 750w black edition enough for gtx560ti sli?

hi friends
im planning to buy xfx 750w black edition for gtx560ti sli . is it enough or should i buy xfx850w black edition or corsair hx1000w

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  1. That is good enough..never used the brand myself..but it should suffice... some people don't realize you don't actually need that power for particular set some cases you can run 2 gtx 580's in sli on an 850 watt power supply..assuming, of course, there's no heavy overclock on the cards and processor...there are quite a few things to take into consideration..but on a 750 watt psu two 560's will work
  2. my father ordered without asking me corsair HX1000w for us $ 192 .and the product has arrived at the shop. im afraid that its an overkill but i can cancel order but my repute in the eyes of shopkeeper will suffer because its a shop from where i buy everything.
    what u say im really confused now.
  3. xfx 750w is costing me us $ 157 . what should i do .
  4. lol...who cares about kidding me? Save yourself some cash what's right for your wallet! the 1000 watt is good to have for efficiency when overclocking and adding cards..but if you can get something cheaper do it! I returned about 4-5 different motherboards in less than a month at a local computer shop (for various reasons)..they may talk behind my back and say things but I do it for me ...

    But if your absolutely concerned about your rep..juss keep it..its a good psu...but if you want to save some it
  5. Having extra power up your sleeve never hurts.. And the Corsair HX 1000 is an excellent PSU so go ahead and get it (more since you are considering your reputation with the shop also).. Further, it will help you upgrading to more powerful components in the future without worrying about the PSU being enough or not..
  6. i dont think 750w can handle 2 gtx560's because single 560 requires 30 amps and two will require 60amps and xfx 750w provide 62amps on single rail . i have a plan . i will ask cost of XFX 850w if price difference btw 850w and hx1000w is narrow then i will go for hx1000w . if not then i will buy 850w .

    also tell me that xfx 750/850w both have 4x6+2 pin connectors and it does not have individual 6 pin connectors . is this a drawback.
  7. There is no way that two 560's gonna eat up 60A.. Coz that translates to 60 x 12 = 720 watts.. Both video cards at max load might draw upto 360 watts which translates to 30A.. On that calculation, the XFX 750 is enough for your rig even considering a heavily overclocked CPU..
  8. The power recommendations on the cards are for the system as a whole, a GTX 560 does not require 30A for itself, that would be 360W just for the card, a GTX 560Ti needs about 170W or 14.2A per card, so they need less than 30A for a pair, the rest of the system will need a couple hundred watts and the remainder is a bit of overhead to allow for upgrades, overclocking, and aging. An XFX 750W unit has plenty of power for 2 GTX 560Ti with a fair amoutn of OCing.

    6+2 pin connectors are not a draw back, they are an advantage, they work as 6 pin connectors or as 8 pin connectors so that you dont end up with a couple 8 pins that you cannot use if you card only needs 2 6 pin connectors as an 8 pin will not fit.

    I see your two main options as keep the HX 1000 because it is a good unit, or trade it for an XFX 750W unit and save a good chunk of change, the 850W unit wont benefit you and will just cost you more than the 750W so its not worth checking on.
  9. Keep the HX thinking you would rather be "safer than sorry"...But surely enough 750 will be adequate my friend...So, go! Start building!
  10. I'd go 850watts on any SLI or Crossfire.... other might go 750watt but hey, I like a bit margin / head room to OC and to account from the unavoidable capacitor aging.....

    Too many people under estimate the importance of a strong, quality power supply. Choose one from Corsair, Antec TP, or Seasonic...
    650watts will work for any single GPU system.
    850Watts will work for all but the highest end dual GPU systems.

    I love the Corsair 850HX supplies because they remain dead silent to almost 600watts...

    BUT the the HX 1000 is going to get the job done for many years to come, 560's or 570's .... what have you
  11. Best answer keep the hx 1000..and start building!
  12. thanks for replies and im keeping my corsair HX1000w
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