Wise decision??

Need help guys..

I've decided on a gaming build.. So needed ur suggestion..

I5 2500K
550 watts corsair smps
Sapphire 6850 OC
Bentfix Shinobi cabinet.
(Don't wana change ne of this)

With all these, it leaves me very little for my motherboard! So I thought ill jst buy a asus H61 mobo for now, and upgrade it to a good overclocking Z68 one when I have the resources in a few months..(I know I cant overclock with H61 boards)

So Was asking am I rite in doin so??
Apart from overclocking will ther b any bottlenecks?
Will my games, n application run fine?
I don't intend to run this H61 board for more than 5months!!
Wat do u guys suggest?
I can't spend more than 70$ on motherboard rite now!
And which is the best H61 board from asus.?

Need help guys..
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  1. You don't need to use asus if you are going to use the board for five months. I use biostar, foxconn, or msi to save money. The ecs deal from tigerdirect is also attractive.
  2. Well guys thanks! But ill stick with asus only! Big fanboy!
    And guys u havnt responded to the bottleneck question!
    Btw which is the best H61 board from asus n its approximate price

    Thanks in advance
  3. The asus board I selected in the first response is the best you can do for $70.
  4. Well thnx mate!
    Apart from tht which is the costliest H61 asus board!
    Which has usb 3.0! N sata 6.0 gb/s
  5. If you are using an OEM version of windows you will not be able to use the New MB as the OEM version is tied to the MB. Just something to keep in mind.
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