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I have a 3D TV with glasses, and want to play 3D content from a PC rather than a BluRay player, as I will be ripping the BluRay Discs.

NVidia seem to have a 3D solution coming, but that I'm interested in is the graphics card requirements. One review on this site said if you have a 3D-compliant card, it will decode on the graphics card - if you don't, it will decode using the CPU.

There seems to be two types of 3D display with the NVidia kit... where the PC is 'rendering' the 3D content itself for a 3D LCD using the NVidia glasses, and when it's just pumping it out over the HDMI cable for a 3D TV to display using its own glasses.

What I'm asking is... if I buy a PC with a HDMI 1.4 port, decent graphics but not one of the supported card, can the PC just send the stream out on the port, or does it have to do CPU-intensive decoding?


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  1. Double Post :( ....
    Double Answer
    You've got it a little bit wrong... :)
    Nvidia in both cases uses it's GPU to give the 3D image on the screen,I one case it uses the Blue-Red filter glasses and the other case it uses Shutter Glasses with a 3D Capable monitor ie 120Mhz) sort of thing.

    Most of Nvidia Cards after the 6Series support one or the other form of 3D graphics.....

    If you buy a card with the HDMI port on it, it's going to support 3D rendering, that is a 99% case.... most of the card support it.....
    The case where the problem is going to arise is going to be on the audio side of things, since you already have a 3D capable tele and the Glasses, plus you will have a GPU that's later than the 6Series so visuals will not be an issue, the sound being passed thru the HDMI must keep it's pace with the video and it's quality.
  2. OK cool, so if I bought a new Mac Mini for example, could I get it to output 3D with the right software to my Samsung 3D LED tv?
  3. Don't know much about the Macs but logically yes.....
    As long as Apple and Nvidia have the right software to support the hardware, yes it will work.
  4. But the graphics card isn't on the list of 3d compatible cards on the NVidia website - does that mean it will fallback to CPU decoding?

    The Tom's Hardware article said they recommend a 3 core 2.4GHz or above proc to do the CPU decoding, does that still apply if I'm outputting 3d to the TV then?
  5. What is the GPU in your machine? Make and Model pls, whats with all the secrecy?, those are the first things that should be specified if you want to know how....
  6. There's no secrecy, I dont know what graphics card I will potentially get, I'm trying to find out if any old graphics card with a HDMI 1.4 port will do or whether I need to get a special 3D one...

    Mac Mini:

    NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory
  7. A one that supports 3D graphics is a better option, 'cos I really don't think the price between the first 3D capable card and the last HDMI card will be that much far apart.
    What you need to do is see what sort of a Slot do you have free in the rig and what are the compatible cards, then which one suits your budget fine....
  8. The problem is all the systems I'm looking at, being suited to MCE deployments, are with integrated graphics.... I'd rather wait for a system to be available that supports 3D on 'integrated' graphics like the Mac Mini, Dell Zino then get a system that takes a plug-in card... they tend to be more noisy, less solid in terms of design, and uglier! :)
  9. *_than_ get a system that takes a plug-in card.
  10. Have you treid going thru these for HTPC's


    I think this has the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450 and it does support smooth 3D Playback..... (Requires 3D stereo drivers, glasses, and display. )

    If these are the systems you have looked at then they do support 3D on the integrated graphics processor, all you need is the latest driver for them.
    If you are planning on buying a HTPC, I'd suggest you go in for something that has the latest revision and version of the GPU/IGP, all the new Mobility series and the Ions , I think are 3d Capable...... just a question of the software's and peripherals....
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