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I think I've decided on getting an ATI Radeon 5770 to replace my Geforce 9800 GT. I went over to newegg to take a look and noticed that there are 26 different versions of the 5770. Other than having different amounts and types of outputs, is there much a difference between the brands? I also see a few show different clock speeds. There is one that runs at 900 mhz for example while most run at 800.

I'm not sure about eyefinity yet, if a card has 5 DP ports does that mean I can run 5 monitors each showing a different display?

for example. can I use 3 or 4 monitors with this card?

and can I use 5 monitors with this card?
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  1. Yes. Yes. And, Yes. Those are the answers to your last 3 questions.

    Differences in cards/vendors often fall into a few categories, such as warranty support, different heatsinks, and performance tweaks (including memory amounts and factory overclocking).

    When looking at newegg, be sure to look at the reviews for each product to get past some of the marketing fluff and to determine which card(s) get the highest recommendations from buyers.

    Good luck!
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