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Hi guys! Since my last rig build it has been about 8 months, and lately on my AMD 955be the stock fan got very loud and temps went up. So what I have been doing today was lowering the cpu voltage in BIOS which very much so helped reduce temps and the noise level. My question to you guys is there a voltage level that I should not steep below for safe measures? Currently I lowered it to 1.212 V @ stock speeds no OC'ing intentions. Can I drop it down to say 1.1V or even lower?

All in all that is my question, what's a safe spot to stop at when lowering volts and so forth.

PS. I plan to pick up a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus shortly, but until then this is what I have wondered.
Thank you, and awaiting some feedback, cheers ! :D
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  1. YOu might want to power down, remove the cpu heatsink, clean the cpu's thermal plate, and carefully apply a fresh layer of Arctic SIlver or equivalent....; the thermal paste/gel will dry out/melt away over a period of a few years. (Do *NOT* let *any* Arctic Silver ooze out over the sides of the cpu onto your mainboard!)

    Lowering your voltage below the spec called for by AMD and your mb maker is not normally a solution, eventually you will lower it to the point where the assorted on-die L1/L2 cache begin having errors, and the cpu will not work below a certain point.
  2. Ok thanks for the reply, I suppose when I pickup my Hyper 212 I will also pick up some arctic thermal. The under clocking of volts was never meant to be a permanent solution, I was just wondering for the meantime, anyways thanks again
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