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I'm looking for a good case to get for my new computer I'm gonna build. What should I look for in a case? I have a white Antec case right now for my XP Sp3 machine and like it, I think it's a "quiet type" case. Should I go Antec for my new build, Lian lee?

Oh, I'd like to go with a mid-tower not a full tower or a mini.

any help appreciated.
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  1. Getting a case is purely driven by personal preferences apart from the few basic and common needs.. Some like elegance while others will prefer it to be more flashy.. Some have strict silence needs while few don't mind noise.. The list goes on.. So its you who needs to decide on the criteria(s) and then look for a suitable case within your budget..
  2. Thanks. I've actually already got an Antec case (one of the "quiet" ones) and it's white. I am currently using it for my Windows Xp machine, but am thinking of using it for my Windows 7 new build. That'll save me some money.
  3. Yeah I read it in your other post.. Looks good albit a little pricey.. OS should not effect your case decision though unless you are getting new hardware which might require better cooling and/or space..
  4. I just remembered (with help from the Antec site) that I have an Antec Designer 500 case (white with blue trim). It's lined inside to make it quiet and it has elastic hdd mounts for help with silence. I think I'll keep this case for my new build since it's pretty nice and solid AND quiet.

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