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Hello, I have the GA-M57SLI-S4 (rev. 2.0) motherboard. I been wanting to upgrade my graphics card that I currently have and its a PCIe, but the ones I keep finding are PCIe2.0. Will the newer 2.0 cards work on this board. I was told if the PCIe was version 1.1 they would, but I haven't been able to figure out what version PCIe sockets I have.
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  1. Any PCIE-E 2.0 will play to your motherboard, they play even to a PCI-E 1.0 slots so this is not your problem. You have NVIDIA® nForce 570-SLI Chipset your are not Crossfire compartible so is better you choose Nvidia Chip Chipset Graphic Cards they will play better and you will avoid any compatibillity issues. The only problem is your 1 PCI-E slot run 16x the other runs x4 so is better not to put 2 Graphic cards you will not have the performance you read about in the forum, Charts.

    Take a look at Gigabyte Nvidia Graphic cards in here
    Usually they have all the the power connection cables, even 2 molex to PCI-E, need it in the box for every case senario.
    If your PSU has 2 or 4 6pin (some they have 2 6pins and 2 8pins) PCI-E connectors allready you will have no problem at all (this another story).

    Just remeber to connect the extra PCIE_12V Power Connector you have on board (look at your manual) also make sure the ATX_12V 4pin Power Connecotr for your CPU is connected (look at your manual ) they will help you alote solving all the stabillity issues.
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