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Hey guys,

So here the deal. I've recently moved to a new house and our two desktop computers are really far appart.

In my old house the computers were in adjacent rooms so I just ran a direct cable through the wall.

Now, I have one of those hybrid dsl modem/wifi-routers provided by verizon. That router will be in my room. I need a way to connect both desktops to the interwebz without running a mile of cables through my house.

I'd rather not get a wi-fi card just because i might get another desktop and I don't wanna buy one for it as well.

Also, powerline networking is out of the question because they're not on the same circuit.

I thought about buying another router but I heard people say that it's not good to have multiple routers on the same network. This true?

Any ideas on how solve this little debacle?

I'm not computer illiterate but I'm very inexperienced when it comes to networking.
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  1. If your present router supports WDS and you buy another of the same brand which also supports WDS you should be able to link the two routers wirelessly and then connect your computer by wire to the second router.

    Wifi card (wireless network adapter) will be cheaper and less complicated to set up.
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