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I have a broken graphics card on my dell XPS M1330 laptop. I get lines across the screen when I turn it on. I have hooked it up to an external monitor and can get into safe mode. Sometimes I get the 'blue screen of death' which states there is something wrong with the graphics card. I am not interested in using the laptop screen but would like to use the external monitor as a primary monitor. Is there any kind of external video card that would enable me to bypass the integrated video card and let me use the external monitor?

Thanks for your help
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  1. What you are looking for doesn't exist and even if it did, it wouldn't fix your problem. The GPU is integrated into your Dell motherboard and there is no way to disable it. Your only option is to replace the M1330's motherboard. If under warranty, Dell will fix for you. If not, you can do yourself. Multiple vendors offer M1330 motherboards:

    Good luck!!!
  2. Thanks for your reply!
    So I'm guessing something like this wont work?

    I was looking to avoid spending over $200 on a new motherboard
  3. No, because you will still have the defective GPU on the motherboard casuing the problems you are now experiencing.

    BTW, when you connect an external monitor (in safe mode), does the monitor display images properly? If you toggle between internal/external displays, does it make a difference?

    Last, are you using the current Nvidia drivers for your GPU?
  4. When I am in safe mode the monitor does not display images properly. there are some green squares lines running vertically. I have tried the latest drivers, sometimes the computer works for a couple hours and then dies again.

    The laptop does not work at all on the internal display. I have to turn it on and close it immediately for it to display on the external monitor.

    Do you know any possible solutions? I really appreciate your help.
  5. Sounds like your GPU is overheating (common). Contact Dell, there is a recall of sorts on the streets for certain Nvidia GPUs (failing). You may be able to get repaired for free.
  6. I'll give it a shot! Thanks a lot!!
  7. Good luck!
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