How to install win7 on SSD with upgrade disk, clean install from XP?

Currently running XP on one 80gb HDD, and I have a 300gb HDD for media.

Just bought a 64gb SSD and Windows 7 upgrade disk, I am aware that I need to do a clean install.

I want to have the win7 installed on the SSD and have the 300gb still usable for misc files.

My plan of attack was this:

1.) Install SSD where current 300gb is installed.
2.) Do the clean install of windows 7 and tell it to install on the new SSD.
3.) Replace the 80gb with the 300gb drive.

Does it work like that?? Or is it going to be a problem because my XP is currently installed on the 80gb that is going in the TRASH. I feel like this might be a little more complex than I originally anticipated...
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  1. Yes, it will be a problem..; MS unfortunately does not just 'take you at your word' that you had XP on some other disk, and allow a new/clean install from an upgrade disk.

    You might need to install XP on the SSD, then the Win7 Upgrade...
  2. Could I just install windows 7 on my current regular hard drive, then once its done just clone the disk image of windows 7 on to my new SSD?
  3. anonymous1 said:
    Matix7 i would be worred about trim. it would be best to install 7 on the SSD.

    GREAT idea, clone xp to the SSD now, then upgrade from there. Brilliant. After I clone to the SSD and remove the 80gb drive, how do I change the SSD to be the C: drive and tell my computer to boot with that?
  4. I looked into cloning but my 120gb Intel X25-M SSD was way too small to fit all my data, and I did not successfully find whether it is possible to clone only specific folders or programs. Besides, I don't mind a clean install once in a while.

    But, anyway, what I had to end up doing was swap the order of my HDD and SSD in the BIOS and stay in IDE mode (BSOD otherwise). Having the Upgrade version of Windows 7 Ultimate, I had to boot with the XP DVD first. This was not happening. BSOD, yet again.
    I ended up reading someplace that using Windows 7 to create a primary partition on the new SSD. I did that and performed the boot-from-dvd sequence again. Voila! Blue screen...but the right blue screen--the "would you like to install xp" blue screen.
    Next, I installed XP. Once I finished, I booted from the Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade DVD, and installed new virus software (since it was time to renew anyway).

    Once 7 was installed, I went into the registry, on advice from another forum online, and changed the superfetch, prefetch and MSahci values to "0". Rebooted, stopped a the bios and set AHCI and saved. Then restarted, and I be flyin mayne!

    Bear in mind, I have only Windows 7, AVG, World of Warcraft, and Windows Media (music files), but from the time the Windows 7 boot screen finishes its little light dance, I average around 4 seconds to fully functional desktop, including wireless internet connection. Additionally, with my current configuration, upon login to WoW, I went from an average of 1.3 minutes to select toon and load into Orgrimmar, waiting for all the characters to draw in and textures and whatnot, to a grand total of 11 seconds...I know much of this may be immaterial to this forum; forgive me, I am just very pleased.

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