What i5 cpu works with lga1155 socket

Looking at a mob with lga1155 socket and want to use a Intel i5 cpu. How do I match the cpu with that mob?
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    Check the motherboards CPU support list.. Generally, any i5 2XXX model CPU will work on a socket 1155 motherboard.. Some models have a suffix 'k' (ex. i5 2500k) which shows that the CPU has an unlocked multiplier.. CPU's without the 'k' suffix have locked multipliers and hence are not overclockable..
  2. Look for "Sandy Bridge" CPUs, more specifically look for Intel ix-2xxx CPUs, like the i5-2500K, or i7-2600K. The CPUs with a K at the end of the name are multiplier unlocked, meaning that they can be overclocked very easily, however, they are slightly more expensive than the multiplier locked versions, which cannot be overclocked.
  3. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Appreciate both answers.
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