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Upgrade Queries for Asus A7V8X MX SE

Hi All,

My rig config (old i know but its working fine !) is Asus A7V8X MX SE mobo
(product link is
and manual at
paired with an AMD Athlon 2600+ XP (barton core as per CPUID - so runs at 1.9 GHz)
and on 1GB Hynix PC2700 DDR SDRAM.

Had the following upgrade queries - looking for stability over performance since this
machine is mostly for family usage :

1. Whats the best AGP 8x card that i can use on this mobo (and the memory size - 256mb or 512mb) ?
I definitely need to support an exact resolution of atleast 1600 x 900 for a new LED Monitor and a possible
Windows 7 installation soon (ran the upgrade advisor - it suggested new GPU is needed but does the
rig seem fine for win7 otherwise ?) Looking at a sub $100 nvidia or ATI card from a good vendor for playing HD

movies decently and moderate gaming usage (AoE 3, Medal of Honor, Farcry).

2. I`m purchasing 1gb of RAM so wanted to confirm if I can use PC3200 (Single or Double Bank
- crucial memory advisor says its supported at
but anyone has tried it out and found it to be stable ?
The mobo spec does state it uses 333Mhz FSB (not sure if this affects RAM config ?) and upto PC2700
but if PC3200 works would sell my existing RAM and pick up 2GB of it (assuming of course that
the extra performance kick is worth it ?). Else i`ll go back to picking up an extra 1gb of PC2700 itself.

I checked out a few AGP 8x cards on the nvidia website but they seem to use GDDR2 or GDDR3 -
does this mean they wont run on a DDR SDRAM based mobo and need a DDR3 mobo instead ?

Thanks in advance !
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  1. 1) The best AGP 8x graphics card that I know of and is readily available would be the ATI Radeon HD4670 from Newegg. This would be a questionable purchase, in my opinion. The card is likely too much for your current system and requires an additional power connection from your power supply. Of course, if your power supply lacks sufficient power, it would need replacing as well.

    2) If your motherboard states it can only take up to DDR333 (PC2700) RAM, then I wouldn't purchase anything but. While DDR400 (PC3200) RAM *may* work with that motherboard, it would most likely be slowed down to DDR333 speeds.

    3) Graphic Card memory is independent of motherboard memory. In no way are the two related, so you can use any graphic card memory with your motherboard.

    On a personal note, I wouldn't bother with upgrading that system at all. Save up a bit more money and go with a new system. If you MUST upgrade that system, just add 1 Gig of DDR333 RAM to it.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Hi Wolf, many thanks for your reply !

    Yup am saving up towards upgrading on a decent $300 machine but in the meantime would do a RAM and GPU upgrade on a budget. The HD4670 would need a 6-pin connector from my existing PSU but otherwise i think it`ll work well with it.

    I did add 1GB of DDR RAM but started having bootup issues after that , and the system shows only 1GB of RAM. The new RAM stick shows 333MHz on the label but ran CPU ID and SPD shows following values :

    Slot 1 - 1024mb, PC3200 (200Mhz) and in timings
    table shows values for JEDEC 1,2,3
    Slot 2 - 1024mb, PC2700 (166Mhz) and in timings
    table shows values for JEDEC 1,2

    does this mean the 2 ram sticks are out of sync and hence causing boot issues? or is my DIMM slot itself messed up :(
    also am not sure if the new stick i purchased is High Density Memory (read about this in the Memory FAQ - not sure if that is the culprit)

    I havent updated my BIOS in quite a bit so will doing that help with the boot issues (am on version 1003 and latest was 1006)?

    thanks !
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    The other issue with upgrading your graphics card (especially since you're saving up for a new system) is that it's an AGP upgrade and would be useless in your new (PCI-E based) system.

    Your memory issues probably stem from the fact that you have DDR333 (PC2700) and DDR400 (PC3200) RAM mixed together. If you just installed the DDR333 module, then it appears your system CAN accept DDR400 RAM. To resolve your boot up issues, I'd replace the DDR400 (PC3200) ram module with another DDR333 module.

    Concerning your BIOS version, if it isn't broke, don't fix it. If anything, I'd read through what was updated in the new BIOS version and then determine if it's anything you need.

    -Wolf sends
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  5. hey wolf,

    you were spot on right ! got a new RAM stick which was verified as PC2700 on CPUID - been working fine since the last 24hrs non-stop !

    Moral of the Story : Asus A7V8X MX SE DOES NOT support mixed RAM usage.
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