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In the comparison of GTX460 cards published in August (http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-460-roundup-gf104,2714-20.html), there is concern that the faster overclocking of the Palit card means that only a 1-year warranty is offered. I've just bought a new system with one of these Palit cards installed (as the default GTX460 option from the supplier). Would there be benefits in the lifespan of the card if I were to underclock it?

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  1. you're best off keeping them overclocked, because (this is only my opinion) any lifetime gained (not much) isnt worth the performance loss
  2. A silicon chip should survive about 8-10 years at designed spec and speed usually so there would be little to no benefit to its lifespan by under clocking it especially if it is cooled well, if its not overheating then its not being hurt, its only extreme OCing that will hurt its lifespan when you start turning the voltage up.
  3. The gpu down clocks and down volts CONSTANTLY in 2d and even 3d if there is no load and it max mhz is not needed.
  4. Thanks all for your replies. They're very re-assuring. I'll leave it as is.
  5. And remember that we have a standard 2 years warranty.

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