H55 vs. Q57

Can anyone share with me the pros and cons of the H55 vs. Q57 chipset?
I am running an ASUS P7Q57 1156 motherboard with the Intel i3 3.33Ghz
with 8 gig of ram using the onboard video DVI out. I have an EVGA H55 motherboard
and now am wondering which may be better. I do some gaming and also
audio and video remastering.
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  1. Not much difference performance wise between the two. I like having the onboard video option in case the video card is too noisy or overheats. Overclocking is your main difference between chipsets, but my h55 boards ran at 160 fsb just fine without a voltage change. This was necessary to get the ram speed up to 1600. Beware that some newer 1155 boards won't overclock the cpu unless it's a "K" model. Intel has put some limits on these newer boards for sandy bridge.
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