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Can I get a 750watt psu if my system only require 400 at the moment because I dont have a power supply but plan on upgrading my HD 5670 to a 5770 then crossfiring a little after that.
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    A 750 watt PSU will operate at close to peak efficiency w/ a 400 watt load. I would note however that the 650 and 850 watters are the sweet spot for PSU's price wise.

    This 850 watter is a top end (10.0 performance rating on jonnyguru) and is only $109 .... the 750watter is $20 more !

    Twin 5770's require only a 600 watt PSU however

    in which case this 650 watter will do just fine
  2. Could you (or anyone else) explain what peak efficiency means psu wise? I read somewhere that its good to have 200w extra over head room.

    Kinda dumb but would a 850 watt draw 850 watts from the wall? Or only how much is required.
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