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I was hoping you guys could take a look and help me out with my upcoming build. I'll be building from scratch except for the vid card which I already have. So here is what I was thinking:

Primary use: Gaming

Vid card: 460 GTX 1 GB (already can't change)


MoBo: No idea - need serious help here






Other things I'm keeping: Optical drives, peripherals, etc.

So what do you guys think? I'm lost on the Mobo choice and don't know if I should be making any other changes. I missing anything obvious?

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  1. First thing you should know AMD+Nvidia graphics means no SLI if that's not a problem it probably won't be unless you have a resolution over 1920x1080

    processor: good choice are you planning on overclocking? if so get this heatsink:
    from amazon because of free shipping and extra fan


    RAM: not sure if this is on the QVL might want to check
    PSU: get this antec instead and 650w is overkill 50 dollars after all is done MIR and code

    HDD: get this samsung instead

    Case: good choice
    OS: good choice
  2. The EA-650 is easily a match for the Corsair unit and is $40 cheaper today.
  3. JackNaylorPE said:
    The EA-650 is easily a match for the Corsair unit and is $40 cheaper today.

    Dude did you read my post I already mentioned the psu. by the way are my links broken?
  4. Updated:

    Vid card: 460 GTX 1 GB (already can't change)


    MoBo: (thanks for input)


    PSU: (updated to Antec)

    HDD: (updated to Samsung)



    A few comments / questions:

    - Yeah, I know SLI / with the nVidia card isn't going to happen, and I'm ok with it. I'm not stuck on that particular CPU but I wasn't able to find a better value. Thoughts?

    - As for overclocking - I'm not sure. I've never done it and am not opposed, but I likely won't be. How much of a performance improvement would I get there?

    - I'm not sure what you mean on the comment on the RAM "not sure if this is on the QVL might want to check". Is there an issue with this RAM? Is there a better choice?

    Thanks for the help.
  5. -An Intel build won't be nearly as cheap so stick with the AMD CPU and what's your monitor resolution? If it's like 2560x1600 you might need to get an Intel build
    -Okay the overclocking will help speeds a bit not sure about an exact percent I don't know
    -By QVL I mean qualified vendors list basically it's a list for every mobo which states with memory modules are supported it can be found on Asus' website:

    I just checked it for you and it seems it's not supported that doesn't mean it won't work it just means you'll have to manually set the timings

    Directions to download QVL
    Go to the memory support tab
    The second one is the one you want download it and view with Adobe Reader
  6. Gotchya, that makes sense.

    As for the monitor - I'm running 1920x1200 main monitor and 1440x900 2nd monitor (don't run anything other then vent / internet on it if I'm gaming)

    For the RAM - what would need to be done to set the manual timings? Is it just a bios setting? If so, I think I've done that before on past setups, and I'm sure I could figure it out.

    Any other recommendations on RAM that are on the QVL that won't break the bank? Thanks.
  7. Okay, first monitor resolution the AMD build should be fine and the GTX 460 should be able to handle 1920x1200 with the 1440x900 as a secondary non-GPU monitor.
    It's not gonna max every game but you should be able to run at high level detail

    RAM yes it's just in the BIOS and I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out

    Okay for RAM that won't break the bank on the QVL I would suggest this set:

    really you don't need 8gb for gaming and regular use you only use that much in intensive photo and video editing and in rendering
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