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When i try to turn on my PC it takes atleast 10 min just to turn it on. I have to move my hand around in my PC and get lucky Just to hear the sound that it's turned on. When I'm gaming my screen sometimes turns to any color with stripes. I have to tweek my graphic card just to get back to my game. Then when my screen turns completely black it restarts my computer or it doesn't turn back on for another 10- 20min. I think my graphic card is to heavy. I have a ATI Radeon 5850. Please help me thanks.
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  1. Is you card connected to the backpane or is it just loose? Should not matter how heavy the card is as long as you have it screwed in properly.

    What's this moving your hand around the computer thing you are talking about? Are you randomly just hitting stuff inside the case to try to get it to turn on? Sounds like you need someone to take a look at your build and re-seat/re-install the components.
  2. Can it be my motherboard and not my graphic card?
  3. Could be, sure, but you need to make sure everything is installed correctly before trouble-shooting as to where the issue may be.
  4. This likely has nothing to do with hardware. Do you ever scan your system for malware/viruses?
  5. " I have to tweek my graphic card just to get back to my game."

    What do you mean tweek? Are you talking about changing settings or physically moving the card?

    The weight of your card should be supported by the bracket being screwed to the case.

    And I think your power supply is bad if the system has to cool down for 10-20 minutes in order to restart.
  6. I missed that part actually. It could be your power supply can't handle the card or something is overheating.
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