Why does my computer not turn on after a successful shut down?

So here's the scenario. I'm running a 500W Antec Smartpower PSU, an old computer case (broken hinge on the front), and a biostar MCP6P3 mobo (the PSU has enough power for my other components). When I turn off the computer and try to turn it back on, it doesn't work. It's as if the power is unplugged. The only way I can turn it back on is if I unplug the PSU power cable and the Power On/Off switch on the motherboard (the one with two pins that connects from the case to the mobo) and leave it there for about 10-15 minutes. After, I must plug the On/Off switch FIRST then the PSU cable and then press the power button to start the computer. If I start it before around 10 mintues, the power LED fan would spin a little bit and the cpu fan would spin a little and die completely. Then I would have to restart the process over again. What could the problem be?
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  1. Sounds like it is time for a new PSU. Sorry not giving you better news.

    Do you have access to another PSU that you could swap to confirm?

    Good luck!
  2. No I don't :| Is there any other way before testing?
  3. Not without a PSU tester. BTW, are you overclocking anything (CPU, GPU, or memory)? If so, dropping back to default/stock settings will put less strain on your PSU and MAY help. It really does sound like your PSU is flaking out. Good luck!
  4. Nope, everything is stock. Only running windows 7 ultimate, gts 250, 4gb pny ddr2 ram and 250gb hard drive. Is my PSU dying because of long usage (been years) or not enough power?
  5. Age does wear on PSUs and they do fail, even good ones. You should have sufficient power, otherwise.
  6. May you please recommend me one around 500W + for around ~$40-60?
  7. This is a great PSU for the money (Seasonic):


    Another would be this one (Corsair):


    If it were me, I would go with the Seasonic. Good luck!
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