Top 27" monitor for gaming?

Hi All,

I am waiting for the new hd6970 to come out and I would like to game @ 1920x1080 or step up to 2560x1440.Here are my choices :

Dell u2711-good ips panel,nice res but i read that is not that good for gaming due to input lag.

Benq M2700Hd-standard 1920x1080 TN panel but better input lag less cash good score on Cnet

ASUS VE278Q-same res LED backlight not many reviews

What do you guys recommend or suggest?

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  1. The key to look for in a gaming monitor is response time. 2ms (milliseconds) is pretty good these days. Anything less than 5ms will do. I got my 27 inch Samsung P2770H at Costco for about $300. It has a 2ms response time and does a great job at 1080p resolution. (FYI the P2770HD is a TV, while the P2770H is a monitor.) One last consideration, for the future, is to think about getting a 120Hz monitor in order to be able to play 3D games and movies.
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