Ps3 will not let me host games

ps3 will not let me be host when playing games if ps3 is plugged into wired port of wireless will let me host if i plug ps3 directly into dsl modem.
any help would be apreciated.
Do you think a dsl modem and wireless router combo would help my cause? If so,what is a good one for $200 or less?
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  1. Your router is probably just blocking ports needed for the PS3 to be seen by others. The modem just lets all data go through. You need to find out what the system needs open to connect, your PS3 or game manuals should help with that.
  2. i have put all the ports in that ps3 says i need
  3. I'm still thinking that's the issue. Setup a DMZ port (meaning a port that basically acts as it's in front of the router's firewall) and see if that helps.
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