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Okay so I took my computer home to my parents house for a few days and it was working fine like usual and packed everything up and went home. When I finish setting up my computer, it won't fully boot up. It will get half way and only fully boot up once. I thought it was just cus my computer was cold (I live in MN and its like 10 degree here). I took the power cord out for a while and still didnt work. I unplug all my wires and replug them in but still nothing. All the fans are working fine but I dont know whats wrong.

Extra info:My motherboard been kinda messed up since I gotten it. Usb does not work so Im usuing a pci usb at the moment. My board is only reading 2gb when I have 3x2gb on. My spec are Intel i7-920, 3x2gb corsair dominator, sapphire radeon 5870, forgot the psu. kinda lazy to take it out to look at it since its block by the tower.
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  1. Start by resetting BIOS.
    Have you gone into BIOS and enabled USB controller to sort out your USB problem?
    If computer components do not work right after purchase it is time to RMA.
  2. Yeah well its kinda hard to get into BIOS cus the keyboard doesnt work during the boot up. I got it a few times a year ago when I first got it by using a ps/2 converter or something. Cant remember.
    Yes i did do that and everything else to fix the USB problem but nothing work.
    Yeah I think its time i do that. I hope the warranty isnt up yet cus I bought this used and I was able to RMA then but not sure about now
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