CPU Fan?

Having a slight issue, When I turn my computer on it starts and 5 seconds after the cpu fan stops spinning. Also I'm getting no image on my monitor which I think has to do with the computer not fully starting up. Any Suggestions?
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  1. are you using the stock cooler? you have it plugged into the "cpu fan header" right?
  2. nothing has been changed on this computer except I bought a new power supply about 3 months ago but everything was working fine. It only started happening when I moved into my sisters house.
  3. Weird. You may have to start removing parts to try and narrow down the cause. The new PSU could very well be malfunctioning.
  4. Still no clue, I took it all apart and put it back together and still does the same. Turns on and now instead of the CPU fan going off the cpu fan and a cooling fan shut off. but the video cards fan stays running the whole time.
  5. quite possibly the motherboard...seems a bit strange
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