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Hi, i just finished my first built computer fews days ago, and i installed win 7 ultimate. when i go into my system properties for the processor info part it says "AMD processor model unknown 802 Mhz" i have a AMD T1090 6-core, and M4A89GTD PRO motherboard. when i go into the bios, it says target Cpu frequency: 3200Mhz, which is right for my cpu speed. but no where says its 6 core or not. when i go into Core unlocker option, if i enable it, it have the options of 4 core, and 3 core, and says nothing about 6 core. It there something wrong with the cpu for saying "AMD processor model unknown 802 Mhz" in the system properties? if there is nothing wrong with it, should i enable the core unlocker? or just keep it disabled?
I am totally new to this, so i need help plz


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    check for a bios update
  2. Thanks, i updated and it runs so much smoother
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