Motherboard with or without turbo boost for i5-760 gaming?

Hi to all,
Before putting up the first question, some introduction.
I am ordering for a CPU for gaming, actually placed order for proc.- i5-760.
I asked for P7-P55D PRO (suited my budget).
But it is not available. SO i checked for some more Boards.
1. Biostar T5XE (8X 8X SLI)- 134 $
2. MSI P55 GD65 (8X 8X SLI) - 160 $
3. ASUS P7P55D-E PRO (8X 8X SLI) - 190 $ (All prices from Newegg)
I need SLI on the board so that i cud use it fot Nvidia 3D kit.
Out of these boards, i saw only ASUS board claiming to support Intel turbo boost (in
Now the main question---
Does Turbo boost really make a difference on gaming part?? I read somewhere that TB helps in Hyperthreading applications. So what is the answer????
Shud i go for cheapest iostar T5XE without TB support or throw big bucks on others for Boost???? ( by today i want to place order for board also)
Thanx in advance....
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  1. All mobos support turbo boost, that's on the CPU. Get the Asus if it's in your budget, it's better
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    Don't bother with turbo boost if you plan on overclocking the CPU.. All those boards are good with Asus being the best of them..
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