Problems with extended display!

Dear Tweakers and IT pro's,

I'm desperate, I'm in great need of help and this is my last resort. I'll explain what the problem is and what i've tried so far.

My second monitor doesn't work properly in an extended display setup, it often doesn't wake up and stays black ( tho, windows knows the screen is connected ) The weird part is, this is the third screen that shows issues. At first I tried 2 IBM screens wich didn't work and when I tried a BENQ screen it suddenly worked again, but now 2 weeks after the BENQ screen is also showing problems.

Before I tried the BENQ screen I tried re-installing all possible drivers without succes, I cleared the CMOS, contacted AMD and Club3d and Club3D adviced me to flash the bios to a newer version, but also without result. They then thought my graphics card had a timing issue so they asked me to send it in for repairs. I got it back 7 days after with the report that the card was working fine and tested on multiple systems. I was allready working on this problem for months now and I got sick of it! Anyways, I was absolutely sure that it had to be my motherboard and i've bough a new one ( Asus P5Q-Deluxe ) but again sad but true.. no result. My PSU died aswell so I replaced my Antec 500W with a Coolermaster Silent pro m 700W. Since I was allready buying new stuff I decided to buy a second graphics card ( I have 2 Ati HD4870's atm ) aswell and run it in crossfire. The monitor is connected to the brand new HD4870 since my older HD4870 is working in crossfire.

As I said, the BENQ screen I tried worked flawlessly for 2 weeks and I was pretty sure all of the display issues were caused by the 2 IBM screens, but since the BENQ screen is also starting to fail I'm not that sure anymore.

But since my motherboard, gpu and psu are all brand new, I have no idea what could cause these issues. I'm pretty sure it can't be the PSU being to weak ( since I was running a single HD4870 on the 700W PSU for a while before I bought the second card. And i've had this display problem since I still used my old Antec500W PSU ).

Other things i've tried:
- Formatting windows7 64bit
- Tried different DVI connectors ( single link, dual link )

I've allready spend +/- 300,- euro on hardware without fixing the problem, I ran out of ideas and i'm out of money.. I could realy need some professional help! I'm sorry if my writing or English isn't the best you've seen, but I hope you understand, English is not my mother language.

PC Specs:

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.100618-162
Language: Dutch (Regional Setting: Dutch)
System Manufacturer: Asus
System Model: Asus P5Q-Deluxe
BIOS: Bios v8.00.14 ( old version, I haven't flashed my new motherboard )
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
Videocard: ATI HD4870 1024mb
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 4094MB RAM
Page File: 1812MB used, 6374MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode

Thanks in advance for any help! highly appreciated.

Kind regards,
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  1. Something else I would like to add, wich I haven't noticed before. Before the problems with the BENQ screen started ( so the original display problems a while back ) the screen only gave issues in windows while being set up as extended display, but it did properly cloned the main monitor on system boot and it showed everything from bios, motherboard logo etc untill it got into Windows7.. now I see the screen turn on ( orange light becomes green ) but the screen stays black.. this is new and deffinately a sign that it aint software/driver related.
  2. Nobody on this entire forum has any clue or advice on what to do? Surely someone has to know something.. right?
  3. Quote:

    * Post in ALL CAPS or use excessive punctuation!!!
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  4. Oh come on, it has been over 4 days now. I know the rules, I know I shouldn't bump. But I've got no responds so far, and not a single new post view in 2 days. This shows the topic is no longer active and I really don't see the problem getting solved if I have to wait until 2012 before someone happens to find this topic somewhere on page 9132.

    I was actually feeling optimistic when I got the mail that someone "finally" replied.. but it was you, the moderator -_-" I actually thought the Tomshardware forums would be able to help me, but the only active topics in this forum are: "Omg what kind of videocard should I buy for this system?!" "Wich card is better?" "What's the difference between the 5xxx and 6xxx series T_T". You should tell those people to use the search option and google more often! That way people with REAL problems might find some help around here..
  5. That's the way it goes sometimes, no one is obliged to help you so if no one does you've just got to suck it up.
  6. Did you use the same cable on all monitors?

    edit nevermind i see what you wrote now.

    Can you take out the 2nd card and run both screens off the single card, start again without making it harder by crossfiring.
  7. Thanks for your reply Eyefinity!
    No, i've used 2 different VGA cables on the 2 IBM displays and the BENQ screen had it's own DVI cable ( so also there's no DVI converter in between ). The displays all work fine as single display, they are only giving trouble in dual setup.

    Could this be caused by the CPU? This is the only piece of hardware next to the mem banks, HDD's and CD/Dvd drives that isn't replaced yet. And i've did a memtest on the memory without any issues, so the only possibility left is the CPU even tho this makes no sense at all to me.
  8. Cables, cards or drivers (and windows) probs are much more likely imo.

    Did you try running both screens off the NEW card alone (not in crossfire)? I'm not sure if that's what you meant when you said the new card was connected to the Benq monitor - are both monitors connected to the new card?
  9. I updated all the drivers, I formatted windows a few times, I even tried installing WindowsXP again but the problem didn't go away.

    The old graphics card has been tested by Club3D on multiple systems and showed no problems at all. The old card is running in the x8 slot and the new card is running in the x16 PCI-E slot, you can only connect your monitors to the one in the x16 slot. So.. the old card is tested and verified by Club3D and i'm pretty sure the new graphics card can't be the cause of this problem since the symptoms are still the very same.

    The problem did go away however for 2 weeks when I tried the new screen, that's why I originally thought the problem was caused by the IBM screens.. now the new BENQ screen is failing aswell I don't think that was the problem at all.

    I have been struggling with this problem for months now, i've had contact with both the ATI and Club3D technical helpdesks and I can assure you, we've tried everything from the above you mentioned. Club3D even gave me a few extra DVI converters when they send my tested gpu back( dual link, single link, DVI-I, DVI-D ) to ensure the problem was not caused by them.

    Only thing I haven't tried yet, since i've gotten the new screen, is running the monitors on just 1 graphics card, I'll take the other card out tomorrow ( since it's getting late now ) and try if that changes anything ( even tho I highly doubt it will )
  10. It's about removing possibilities. If it doesn't work with the new card, you can pretty much scratch off a card problem being the cause.

    What's your refresh rate (60 Hz or so) on your first screen? Check it isn't higher than what your 2nd screen can run at that resolution.
  11. I know its late, but better than never.

    Update to latest drivers, Disable , Enable the Drivers. Check if how r you connecting the Displays, does the CPU have multiple display ports. VGA and DIV or are you using some sort of Connector.

    If you are using connectors , then you have to be precise in execution,
    If not then swap the monitors once to check if both are working,
    Check the Chipset and upgrade to latest Firmware.
    If you are using something like NVDIA download latest drivers.

    Install and restart..

    Just a Trouble shoot .... run team viewer from any other machine to the one using extended displays and check if it gives you the option of Multiple Displays, If it does than sw part is fine,....
  12. haha boy, you do know how to bump a old topic :P Anyways, the problem was due to multiple problems and having faulty hardware. The IBM screen was actually broken, and even tho the BenQ screen showed the exact same symptoms, the problem was not related ( just weird coincidence ).

    I never realy managed to fix the problem, it came to a point that I just went to a online computer store in a rage and ordered a completely new system ( minus the harddrives ). Obviously this fixed the problem haha, but i'm still not sure what actually caused it.. i'm thinking the CPU because I tried replacing the GPU, Memory and entire motherboard ( everything worked fine after replacing the motherboard, for like 14 days and then it started again). Only item I haven't replaced was the CPU, PSU and harddrives ( but I still use those harddrives in my current system ). So based on my experiences and the things i've tried to fix it, I can't realy say what the hell was going on :o
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