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I have more computers than I have ports from my first 4-port switch. Have a second Lynksys 4 port that I would like to use in conjunction w/my first one but am not a computer whiz as to how I can do this - if I can do this? I have first linksys up/running (wired) and connects my first floor 3 computers; need to somehow be able to use second router to connect basement/second floor computers to same system - Is this possible and if so, in laymans language - please tell me how. Thanks a million
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  1. Probably the easiest way is to set the 2nd router to act like a simple network switch. To do so you would want to power up the 2nd router and plug one computer's network cable into it - do not plug anything else into this router for the moment. From the connected computer's web browser (Internet explorer or equiv.) Type into the address bar and hit go; a password box should show up - the username will stay blank and the default password should be admin. From the administration window go to 'local network' and make sure to de-select 'use router as a DHCP server'. From there you should be able to wire it into your local network - connect one patch cable from any port on the main router to any LAN port on the 2nd router - leave the WAN / Internet port on the 2nd router empty.

    This is all coming from my memory of Linksys - some names may be different - especially if the router has already been configured by someone other than the factory.
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