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Im starting a new PC build that I hope will be as future proof as I can make it at this time. In all honesty, I know its going to be way overboard, but thats how I want it. Havent bought myself anything in a long time and I believe its about due. I will be using the new Rampage IV extreme x79 motherboard with 32 GB of corsair dominator RAM (...to start) and the intel i7 sandybridge e processor, plus all the fixins H100 cooling, HAF case, dual XFX AMD Radeon HD 6990's, yadda yadda the works. I was contemplating my options as far as fast hard drives go. Originally I had planned on going with a "OCZ RevoDrive 3 X 2 240 GB PCI Express" hard drive to use for games with a secondary SSD for general storage. But that was when my list included the Rampage III. Now that theres the possibility of 64 GB of RAM, I am wondering if I would be better off using a portion of that RAM as a RAM disk or just sticking to the OCZ hard drive to load my games from for increased read/write.

Which do you believe is the best option, and most future proof?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. A RAM drive would be deleted every time the computer is turned off because RAM is volatile storage so a PCIe SSD would be the better option. Remember, SSDs are NOT hard drives, SSDs are Solid State Drives.

    You can't boot off of a RAM drive but you can boot off the SSD and the capacity of the SSD is greater so there is no competition between the two at the moment. You can still use some of the RAM as a RAM drive for stuff that would do a ton of writes but really, there is no point besides that if you have the good PCIe SSDs.
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