Installed New RAM - No Signal to Monitor

I had 4gb RAM(2 2gb sticks) and upgraded to 8gb RAM(2 4gb sticks) and now when I start my computer up the monitor does not get a signal from the computer. The computer makes all the beeps and noises it should make and sounds like it starts up perfectly except there is no signal sent to the monitor. The LED on the motherboard lights up showing that the memory is functioning correctly.

Motherboard: EVGA P55 SLI (
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 560 ti

I looked on crucial's website to check if the RAM would be compatible before purchasing the RAM. I grounded myself before installation. Removed the old RAM and put in the new RAM in the same spots the old 2 sticks were in.

What I have tried thus far:
-putting old RAM back in with same no signal results
-having only one stick of RAM in at at time
-resetting the motherboard BIOS
-reinserting the graphics card
-disconnecting everything but the monitor cable(HDMI) form the computer
-connecting a different type of monitor(VGA) to the computer
-unplugging and replugging the monitor's power
-searched google for hours for a solution

If someone has any idea what the problem would be I would be verrrrrry grateful. Thanks!

****Also, note that when plugged in via usb my mouse and keyboard do not light up like they should.
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  1. so i figured it out....with my motherboard you have to push pretty hard to actually have the RAM all the way in. such a simple solution heh
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