Audio out stopped working on front panel

The computer is only like a year and a half old. I have noticed since the beginning the audio out not working correctly. I would have to twist the audio in part around before the sound would work. And now just a few minutes ago it stopped working completely and greets me to a loud sound whenever I try to plug in my headphones.

What should I do in this situation? Is there some way to fix it? I ask here because I don't really know where else to ask.
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  1. There must be a cable connecting your case`s front audio panel to the motherboard. Check if that cable is fully plugged in the motherboard/front panel.
  2. That could be it. I suspected that was it from the beginning but was too lazy to open it up again and check. Do you think that it could be permanently damaged from not being plugged in all the way? I am going to check tomorrow.
  3. Sometimes the jacks go bad, solder breaks, or wires break.
    If, after checking your connections the problem persists. An easy resolution would be to install a audio front panel if you have an extra bay - you should, like this one, or this one has a mic and headphone jack too.
  4. Yeah. Checked it and it is just completely out. Thanks for the front panel suggestions I'll probably just do that.
  5. Im glad i could help :)
  6. So..... Within a month my back audio port directly connected to my motherboard went out.... WTH is happening?! I seriously don't have any abilities for audio right now....

    What should I do now? I am sort of confused... It is not like this computer is old.
  7. See my post above.
    Just get an audio card for the PCI slot.
  8. You meant to write PCI-E slot ;)

    Oh and Ap3brain, check if everything in Control Panel\Hardware and Sound is ok.

    Also, what is your motherboard ?
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