Strange issues that plague my new desktop

Hello,a few days ago i bought a new pc,
The config is

* AMD athlon 2 x4 635 (2.9ghz)
* MSI p45 motherboard.
* 2x2gb 1333mhz ddr3 kingston ram
* 500 gb seagate 7200rpm HDD.
* sapphire 1gb HD5750
* lg dvd writer.
* Cooler master elite 310 casing.
* Zebronics Platinum 500W PSU.

On the first day, it worked fine, except for once or twice when the comp froze while i was browsing the net. Nothing worked not even the task manager etc. so i had to reset it twice. Then, on the 2nd day, the computer refused to start. I opened the case and didn't see any lights or anything on the motherboard, despite the computer being powered. So i took it to the person who sold it to me, and it started fine there. he told me there was a problem with the power cord, and gave me a replacement. After i got home it worked fine, until i started playing world of warcraft. ( was playing at very low settings and a low resolution which shouldnt strain this GPU)

Then , suddenly it crashed while i was playing it. This happened two times. so i shut it down for a while. Now when i try to power it up, it refuses to turn on. no lights, no fan, not even the motherboard light can be seen.

hope you'll can help me with this issue.
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  1. Number 1 suspect is the power supply...

    ALways better to have 150-200 watts to spare, than to run a 500 watt unit at 85% of it's capacity...

    Get an OCz/Corsair 650 watt unit....
  2. ^I agree that is a pos power supply, however if you get a quality unit from a reputable brand a 400w psu would be plenty for that system.
  3. oh ok. thanks a lot for the quick response, i will try asking my dealer to replace the PSU. and also, recently when i was playing world of warcraft at very low settings on this desktop ( once i got it to start). it crashed, and when the comp rebooted, i got a Hypertransport sync flood error message.Wondering if this confirms the PSU suspicion .

    a bit of googling suggested that it was perhaps due to low voltage provided to the RAM. Also, i have not overclocked any part of the computer, everything is at stock speeds.
  4. A bad psu gives all sorts of weird errors. It does still sound like the psu to me.
  5. ok, will try Replacing the PSU with a Corsair 650w today.

    and btw here's a screenshot of speedfan showing the voltages and temp's in case it helps.

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