New Computer, but not too impressed

I just build a new machine and it is not very good. I am not trying to build a super speed machine, but something that is a lot faster than a amd 3700 single core machine.

In my new machine i am running:
AMD Phenom 2 Black 970
Gigabyte 880GA
4 GB 1600 ram
1x GTX 460 video card
500gb 7200rpm sata 3

I thought these were all decent components but so far the speed compared to my single core machine is minimal.

Any reccomendations?
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  1. What seems slow? Games? Apps? Run some benchmarks, that seems like a pretty solid build to me. Overclock the piss out of it.
  2. Define faster. Is windows boot slightly lower, is it only slightly faster opening programs? This is because of the hdd. Mechanical drives have pretty much plateaued. If you want to see a difference in this area then a ssd is a good option, or get another hdd and run in Raid.
  3. If this is your motherboard, I would note that it does not specifically state that it supports DDR3-1600, except in the memory support list and even those that are listed there state it will be downgraded. What memory (specifically) did you purchase/install? <-- Newegg Listing <-- Gigabyte link <-- Memory Support List

    While I wouldn't think this to be a major issue, this plus plus one or two other contributing factors (such as a faulty OS installation) could be the cause of your system's slowness.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Thank you for all the tips

    I guess I am just not seeing the boot speed or opening up of program speed that I would expect. You are probably right about the hdd, I am considering a solid state drive but waiting for prices to drop a bit.

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