Fan of XFX HD4870 speeds up for some seconds without reason

Hi all

I have a XFX HD4870 1Gb and I have observed (heard) that sometimes its fan speeds up without aparent reason.

I know that the fan speeds up beacuse i have installad the program EVGA Precision 1.9.1 , and I can see the record of fan speed.

I have NEVER tuned the fan of videocard, neither overclock

It happens at the POS (some seconds after starting the Pc) and at the cinemtic introduction of Call Of Duty: MW 2

I does not happen in the game ever.

Temps are ok (never over 68º and the speeding up does not happen when video card is hot.

My drivers are 10.10 and SO Win 7 64bit

Does anybody know what is happenning?

Thanks for your help
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  1. When you start the PC, the gfx card fan spins fast until Ati CCC loads and its fan control steps in. This is normal. Mine acts the same way. The fan spins high until Starting Windows screen disappears.

    If it happens again and again when there is even no load on the gfx chip, then you should check air flow in the case. Cable clutter may block free air circulation and result in localized abnormal temperature increases.

    If cable management in the case is perfect, then fan control circuitry of the gfx card may have a defective component, such as a resistor or transistor, in it or fan itself may be defective.
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