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My specs:
Case:Cm 690 Pure Black with 2 extra fans
Cpu:i5 750 3.6ghz 1.17v
Cpu Cooler:Hyper 212 Plus
Mobo:Asus p7p55d
Ram:4GB DDR3 1376mhz Corsair Dominator 8-8-8-24-1t (2x2gb)
GPU:Sapphire 5850 stock
HDD:750GB WD Caviar Black
PSU:Corsair TX 750w
Monitor:Samsung Syncmaster P2450 24"
Headset:Speedlink Medusa
Mouse:Razer Deathadder
Keyboard:A generic one
What I use my pc for:Gaming,Video Encoding,Compressing/Decompressing,VMs,multimedia,video edititng

I have a budget of 300$ and I am thinking of an ugrade.Before overclocking,I had made up my mind on a new gpu ,but now all my games are more than playable at max settings.I am looking for an upgrade that will make a meaningful difference.So a new cpu and gpu is out of the question as both are powerful enough for my current tasks.

The only upgrades I can think of right now that should benefit me enough are:
1)4gb of extra ram
2)An 120gb ssd
3)A sound card

Which of the three would prove more worthwhile?Or if you have something else in mind what would that be?

PS.I don't have to spend the whole budget.For example,if getting extra ram is pointless and you think that getting an 80gb ssd at 120$ is the best upgrade and everything else is overkill,then I'm fine with that.
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  1. We have similar builds, next step for me is SSD. Going to 8GB RAM did nothing for me from a gaming perspective except require more voltage. Have you thought about 120 Hz LCD? I'm leaning that way, my FPS get so high in game I get a decent amount of tearing.
  2. 2) SSD for OS is going to give you a more responsive system. 1) Extra ram will speed up you encoding.
    I personally would get a smaller (60-80GB) SSD and extra ram for your uses.
  3. For $114, you can get a 64GB A-data SSD that is highly recommended:

    You can pick up another 4GB RAM for really cheap too...maybe even cheap enough to get the 120+GB SSD.
  4. Quote:
    SSD and get off that whacked HD5850 and get nVidia gfx card..;)

    Malmental, you hate AMD cards or just really like nvidia ones?I'm going to upgrade to a 28nm gpu when they get released.No point getting a great gpu to play console ports :pfff: As I said right now,my gpu is perfect for my needs(I blame consoles for that:P).I think I'm gonna go with a 120gb ssd and 2 pairs of glasses for anaglyph 3d.I want to see 3d gaming for myself.
  5. Ermmm I always recommend the S599, but as of late I don't know if I can. Seems to be as though A-Data is suffering some problems with the SF-1200 controllers. As you can tell the through the reviews. I'd go with a Mushkin Callisto or Vertex 2. and a 60gb SSD is good enough =P Especially since you have 750gb HDD for main storage. 120gb is just a waste of money that could be put towards the later GPU upgrade.
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