Upgrade or wait and than upgrade?

Here's the deal.

I use my computer for mostly CAD/CAM aplications (Visual mill, Edge Cam, SolidWorks, etc..) and FPS (Medal Of Honor 2010, COD: BO, crysis, etc...). Other than that only web browsing... The monitor is 27", I'm gaming at 1920x1080.

I'm currently on a borrowed pc (E5200 with 4350 card) that is good for internet browsing. My old pc died on me, so here are the options:


I 'm looking to buy sth new and will overclock it.

Athlon II X4 640 or Phenom II X4 955 BE - 124 USD / 175 USD
M4A88TD-M/USB3 - 134 USD
Kingston PC3-12800 "HyperX" KIT 4096 MB - 93 USD
Antec TruePower NEW 650 - 124 USD
MSI GeForce GTX 460 HAWK Talon Attack - 1 GB GDDR5 270 USD (should be the best gtx 460 on the market, faster than reference gtx 470)

I already have a DVD-RW and a HDD.

Like I said, I'm going to overclock (but stay on air cooling) both the CPU and the GPU so I'm looking at better cases, such as:

Fractal Design R3 - 138 USD
NZXT Phantom - 195 USD
Silverstone Raven RV02 - 220 USD

2) the 2nd option is to wait about a month and I can get this for free:

a simple motherboard (i presume low end, can't say nor check at the time)
8GB RAM ddr3 (no more info at the time)
Quadro FX1700
unknow PSU
unknown (low end) case

Now to the questions:

- is the x4 640 or x4 955 better than e8400 for what I need?

- i know that quadro fx1700 is great for cad/cam but it sucks for gaming...is it possible to stick in the GTX 460 and connect it to the same monitor with different cables (dvi for the quadro, hdmi for the GTX) and set up the system so the games run on the gtx and everything else on the quadro (this may be a stupid question lol)?

Should I wait to get the E8400 and sell it and buy sth else?

The prices above are what I have to pay where I'm from...can't order from somewhere else (in the end with shipping and customs the prices are the same).

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  1. 640 > 955 > E8400
  2. you're saying that 640 is better than phantom ii x4 955?...
  3. From my experience, yes. AthlonII are great CPUs for overclocking (if you like), they consume less power and also tend to have a longer life.
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