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Factory OC vs 'Home' OC?

I've tried wording this several times and it sounds like a jumble of words, so if its doesnt make sense just ask :pt1cable: .

So I was looking at the GTX 460. And I saw that Zotac had their little GTX 460 then later on in the list there was a AMP! version, which was OC'ed (More expensive :lol:). Am i just paying for the effort of OCing, or will it have as much headroom as the normal GTX 460?

:) Oh I had a question answered about if I should go 5850/GTX 460, but the new series has come out and i was looking at some benchmarks. About where do they all place, whats better for the money? Whats faster out there per %?

6870 vs
6850 vs
5850 vs
GTX 460 vs
GTX 465 vs

Was going to go for the ATI 5850 when prices plummet on Back Friday/Cyber Monday, but i was curious on what was better and by how much. I was going to go with a 5850 or a GTX 460 depending on price then i was going to grab another when sandy/bulldozer comes out.

EDIT-How much will the cards improve when better drivers come out??
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    Ok straight away forget the GTX465

    I believe (not 100% sure) that the performance goes like this:


    I'd usually recommend getting a Stock card and overclocking it yourself as the factory overclocks tend to be small and easily achieved on a stock card with software like MSI Afterburner, However some of the GTX460 overclocks are substantial and are perhaps worth the extra over the stock edition.

    The HD6870 is the fastest card in the list but seems to have a small amount of overclock headroom, whereas the HD5850, GTX460 and HD6850 seem to overclock better, just remember every card is different (in terms of how much you'll be able to overclock it by) so I wouldn't recommend buying a card and thinking you'll be able to get a 30% OC out of it, because it might not happen.

    I think the GTX460 has a very good Price/performance ratio.

    As to your last question, drivers may improve performance by about 0-20% (rough guess)
  2. Since you're interested in overclocking, check out this review of the new 6800 series. I compares overclocked cards with overclocked cards and gives you an idea of how things will perform in a real-life overclocked situation.

    If it were me, I would go for a custom factory overclocked GTX460 and also overclock it yourself. Custom models sometimes have improved cooling and higher quality parts. These days, the prices are pretty similar between custom and reference, which is cheap.

    For me, I would choose a GTX460 over a 6800 series card for these reasons:
    1) For the 6800 series, it is too early in their development, and there is very little variety and refinement in the designs.
    2) When overclocking, the GTX460 delivers greater performance increases per clock cycle, i.e. it has better scaling.
    3) The GTX460, according to the extensive testing in the article, is usually faster in most games. In the benchmarks it either wins by a lot, or loses by just a little.
    4) When you overclock the 6800 series, their main positive attributes, power consumption, heat, and noise are all negated due to the lack of good cooling and overclocking headroom.
    5) The GTX460 has PhysX, the 6800 series does not. Say what you will about PhysX, but if you play PhysX enabled games, it adds a lot more fun to the experience.
    6) It's just more exciting being able to choose between all the cool GTX460's right now, versus a boring reference 6800 series. For the GTX460, you get to choose between the MSI Hawk Talon Attack edition, Gigabyte SOC, ECS Black, Zotac AMP!, EVGA FTW, MSI Cyclone, Asus Direct CU, etc.
  3. Will the GTX 460 overclock faster than the 5850 overclocked? In terms of performance (FPS, not clock speed :lol: )?
  4. This is a great article that compares overclocked vs. overclocked cards:

    Here are some results comparing:

    EVGA GTX460 FTW 1GB @ 921mhz
    Sapphire Toxic HD5850 2GB @ 905 (unfortunately the 2GB version is the only 5850)
    XFX HD6850 1GB @ 972mhz

    1680x1050 resolution

    Far Cry2
    460: 117 fps
    5850: 89 fps
    6850: 95 fps

    Metro 2033
    460: 37 fps
    5850: 33 fps
    6850: 37 fps

    Crysis Warhead
    460: 48 fps
    5850: 46 fps
    6850: 48 fps

    COD MW2
    460: 108 fps
    5850: 91 fps
    6850: 91 fps

    Just Cause 2
    460: 57 fps
    5850: 58 fps
    6850: 57 fps

    Unigine Heaven
    460: 43 fps
    5850: 37 fps
    6850: 36 fps

    Batman Arkham Asylum
    460: 163 fps
    5850: 120 fps
    6850: 122 fps

    Resident Evil 5
    460: 119 fps
    5850: 115 fps
    6850: 115 fps
  5. Quote:
    i look at it like this, factory overclocked meaning from the factory also has warranty on the card if bought new right.?
    overclocking the card at home voids all warranty period, any modification will void warranty.

    That's not true mate, for one there is no way of telling if a card has been OC'd by using Riva or Afterburner or such. If the BIOS is modded that would be detectable and several manufactures including XFX and EVGA state quite clearly that RMA's will be honoured on modified cards so long as the mods are removed and the cards put back to standard before being submitted.
  6. Quote:
    interesting mm.

    NP, it's my main reason for not liking second hand cards (read ebay) as you have no way of telling if the previous owner OC'd the card to death or not.
  7. Quote:
    if you can get the card for less than oh say $30 shipped then roll the dice..
    i always can use some more for testing..

    TBH I'd rather test 30 bucks worth of beer! :lol:
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  9. Ty to all answers :)!!
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