Gigabyte g31 motherboard restarts with 4 gb ram

hi to all
My problem is dt i recently decided to increase ram on my system which is running on
G31 mb
Intel e7500 processor
Transcia 1gb 667mhz ram
Everything was fine with this cönfiguration bt since i installed 2 ram sticks of simtronics 2gb 800mhz my system keeps on restarting with a blue screen and before it it give an error msg that the system has recovered from a serious error evn i reinstalled ram sticks properly thinking might b it wasnt installed correctly and also tried to install fresh xp while installing get d blue screen again n system got restart so couldnt evn reinstall windows..pls help me out please..
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  1. Make a bootable disk with Memtest on it.
    With one stick of RAM only, boot to the disk and run a pass on the stick. Repeat for each stick. That will determine if the RAM is OK.
    I presume your motherboard is designed to accept 4GB 800MHZ DDR2 memory?
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