Windows Update - Laptop Won't Boot

XPS M1730
64bit Win7 Enterprise

All was working fine today, I got a popup saying updates are available, so I ran all updates and rebooted as requested.

Now the laptop wont start. The laptop does not even get past POST, so I can't even boot off of bootable media to diagnose. I've swapped hard drives, I plugged in an external monitor, I can't seem to get these thing to boot now.

The hard drive flickers like three times and is completely quiet. Just nothing...

Any help is appreciated. If I left something out please ask.

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  1. Have you tried removing 1 stick of RAM at a time to see if it randomly decided to croak? I have had RAM issues cause some very strange problems.
  2. I'll give that a shot tonight thanks!
  3. Woot! mint lover! haha
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