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ATI RaHD 4300\4500 Card

Im getting a new computer and im asking about the graphics card im getting for it, its an HD Radeon 4300-4500 as it says on Dxdiag, and ATI Catalyst, im wondering is it a HD 4350? and if it is, is an HD 4350 better than a HD 3650?

P.S, the reason im getting a new one is because... i broke a pin on my Pentium 4, 478 socket CPU...and i dont have no systems with AGP.
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  1. I just sold my HIS Radeon HD 4350 512MB DDR2 PCI video card. YES! PCI not PCI-E, nor AGP.

    It would run the 10.xx ATI Catalyst and drivers just fine. Got it to make the P4 system I just sold compatible with Windows 7, at the time I used it (Feb-Oct 2010). It even worked (sorta, a whole other thread) in the AMD Athlon 64 x2 system I just inheirited (hence the sale of the card and the P4 system).

    And according to THG latest "Best Video Card Review," the 4350 is 3 "steps" BELOW the 3650. Go figure...but close enough...both "mid-range" cards on the chart.
  2. but can i do any gaming on it at all? its PCi-e x16 as my 3650 was AGP, and omg i got bit by a cat 10 minutes ago and my fingers are numnb... but will i be able to play like Armed assault, SupCom, WiC ? CoH, Men of War... games like that? at decent settings? processor is Core 2 Duo wolfdale 3.0 Ghz also 3gb of ram


    -Intel core 2 duo 3.0Ghz
    -Ati Radeon 4350 128Bit 1GB (DDR 2 or 3 i forgot) 4.0 Pixel\vertex PCIE-x16
    -3GB ddr2 Ram


    -Intel Pentium 4 Ht 2.8 Ghz
    -ATI Radeon 3650 64bit 512mb DDR2 3.0 Pixel\vertex AGPx8
    -1024MB ram

    what would be better, the bottom was my old one
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    New rig should be better than the old all there in your specs:

    Dual core, 3GB RAM, 128-bit graphics w/1GB RAM & PCI-e x16

    If you gamed on the P4, it should be better on the new one!
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  5. Thanks for the reply! that is all i wanted to know!
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