Cpu cooler worth upgrading?

just wanna know your call..
i had a hyper 212 plus cpu cooler installed, i am thinking of changing it, although the Hyper212 plus gives me good temps,
it has 2 fans, gives me 41c at idle, max of 66c on 100percent load. i have an extra cpu cooler which i got in a trade with my friend,
i traded away my extra brand new 1 terabyte hardisk w/c i got for free in a promo sale. i dont need it, cos i got one 1 terabyte hardisk installed
and another 500gb portable hardrive, my friend needed it so to help him i agreed in a trade, he sent me his brand new extra cpu cooler, thermalright venomous x.
i know its a better cooler, but will it give me a big temp difference when i installed it against my hyper 212 plus?
if just small difference maybe i wont change it anyways. thanks
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  1. Don't change it. If it ain't broke, don't mess with it. Your temps are fine; you may not notice any significant difference to make it worth the money. I recently tried transferring a board to a different case; should have left it alone. Ended up swapping cpus also to avoid using any more cash.
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