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Hello, Can I run a Sapphire Radeon 5770 with a 350w power supply (Dell XPS)?
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  1. no i would not recommend it....the best it can support is the ATI 5670...
  2. Depending on the power supply quality/brand you should have 400w+. The best PSU manufacturers are Corsair, Antec, OCZ, and Seasonic. Try to get one with higher efficiency and more voltage on the +12v rail.
  3. Thanks to you all. My son and I wanted to build a computer from the ground up but my husband had a fit and insisted on Dell. We opted for a refurb 8100xps i7-860 with a 512mb card figuring we'd upgrade. It has 6mb ram. When I found the power supply was only 350 I was concerned since the manufacturer (Sapphire) says you need 500w. The main thing we wanted was a gaming computer and had decided on the 5770 before hand. Thanks again.
  4. Yes, this dell PSU will run it because of its high amperage -- but you would still be well advised to upgrade the PSU sooner or later. Personally, I would want more of a safety margin than that on what is arguably the most vulnerable part of my computer (and as PSU's age they become less effective)

    Second, for the 5770 -- some good deals this week dropping them into the high $120s.

    Other thoughts: The 5770 is a good deal--I have one and it performs admirably for the price. If you let us know what model card you have now we can give you an estimate of the performance boost you would see.
  5. deadlockedworld said:

    Second, for the 5770 -- some good deals this week dropping them into the high $120s.

    Yep the price is coming down since the release of the 6xxx series cards -- Newegg has this Powercolor model on sale through the 10th for $129.99 and a $20 MIR making it $109.99 after Rebate !!
  6. watts = amber * volts, 28 amber in 12 V trail means it can deliver up 336 watts in the 12 Volts trail only an HD5770 working at 99% 3D (furmark 1.8 test) needs 22a * 12 Volts = 264 watts leaving less than 72 watts to the rest of your devices in your system, a hard disk for example needs 8.5 watts clearly the answer you need “yes it will work” is not that simple. If you planning to overclock the HD5770 the watts consumption will raised.

    This is why they recommend bigger watts PSU. The PSU’s are ratted: 80 silver, 80 bronze and 80 gold (energy efficiency above 90%) this is why 80 gold is move expensive. Finally you may need to upgrade your PSU, I recommend for you to find an 80 Bronze Psu.
  7. I will simply be running one card. No overclocking. If I want to get that into it I will definitely be building one which is something my son and I want to do.
  8. This is an exaple how easy it is a system with 4 Gbyte memory to create a load 369 watts (i have 8 ussed only 2.8Gbytes):

    The op spoke about a gaming pc and many frames without a 3 Ghz CPU, 4 Gbytes ram even the best card doesn’t perform right. The truth is a 3.30 Ghz Quad Cpu with the same card can create more FPS than my 3 Ghz Quad, it is our duty to inform him about the possibility of a power failure reboot , system files corrupt, and many problems after that. Some CPUs Q6600 2.4Ghz have 105 watts and a Q6600 3 Ghz 130 watts load if they work at full the risk to give the answer "yes it will work" is really big cause it depends on system configurations. The CPU extra power cable is also in the 12 trail path, some cpus they need 2 4 pins means 24 volts connections on board can you explain how 336 watts will cover the 369 watts needed to duplicate what i did ? or never mind and that..... The HD5770 didn't run in 99% also was overclocked in 950Mhz GPU, 1350 Mhz GDDR5. That was also a lesson some things you read in Toms hardware and the performance they get from the overclock can't be done without a strong PSU the no overclock in you case is a must not an option.

    This is why the corporations do recommend high psu for their cards, they don’t gamble with a possible crash in some games, Neither do i.
  9. I just posted a 369 watts load different configuration, different results do you want to gamble and claim there is no problem and the pc won't even start? Cause ct1615 wrote to one with 300 watts psu and his pc didn't even start with a 420 to send his motherboard to looked out, to other one with 580 watts psu and was having problems with HD5770 (Not enough solid capacitors on board the problem solved with a 2 molex to pci-e) that he has a crappy psu and now what is doing again only he knows. The results you keep on posting is from 1 configuration only in toms hardware charts you will see different results and i did stress my system to show the possibility something like this can happen to any case scenario at 3 Ghz Quad, 4 Gbytes ram.

    You know they recommend 600-650 watts to HD5770 and they have good reasons so am i. Also I simplified the selection of a psu to Bronze 80 this time because it can be easily Identified if a psu has it in the web sites. I never gamble stability for me is no1 I do stress the system to extreme before I say go this how I’m I never change.
  10. Another extremely entertaining thread.

    @ siren23234, you're system was sold by Dell with the option to upgrade to a 5770, no psu upgrade involved, yes you can run a 5770 in it.

    @ mal and ct, the 350w in the newer machines is rated at 25a on the 12v.
  11. Come on guys. You can disagree with someone, without being a jerk about it.
  12. Ok boys officially they recommend 600-650 watts they choose to play it safe, so am I we done with that?

    This is Toms Hardware and if you don’t respect me respect the site.
  13. ct,
    Don't get banned over this, not worth it.
  14. Please keep it civil guys/gals.
  15. I can post over a 400 watts by simply putting my 2 dvd to copy on the fly while is doing what i did before and POSTED for you to see it. I do test the systems to extreme before I give final go and if you get a pc from me it means you can do all the things it meant at the same time without a problem you got that?

    More simple words to make you understand i don't have my English is not a native language forgive me
  16. ct1615 said:
    the guy keeps bringing me up in threads like I mentioned above. I'm not even in the freaking thread, how can I be wrong in it??

    I had read both of those, very entertaining :lol:

    Personally I disagree with mal, ignorance can be bliss.
    Ignore what's wrong, post correct info, you will be backed up, and let the OP of whatever thread decide for themselves.
  17. i'm not gonna search over the net for this one do you understund the part not all the systems have the same configurations and if you want to make a system doing everything at the same time yes there is a possiblity to brake the 400 watts ?

    I wrote i did post a 369 watts and you can see it on screen i have the Power consumption under the TASK manager do you have any idea 2 dvds to write on the fly what power consumption do they have?

    Whats the point of all these? i tired.
  18. @ct1615
    I edited your post for a reason. You need to learn to take the hint.
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